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Moldavite Jewelry

I was first introduced to Moldavite in 2003 while training in Reconnective Healing® by Dr. Eric Pearl. During one of his talks he mentioned this powerful green stone that someone had given him, that he carried in his pocket at all times. I was intrigued, and sought out this mysterious stone at the next New Age Trade Show in town. I've been hooked ever since!

"The Gem that fell to Earth," Moldavite is a tektite, the product of a meteor collision with the Earth nearly 15 million years ago. It is only found in what is now called the Moldau River valley in the Czech Republic. Moldavite is one of the rarest minerals on Earth and this beautiful emerald, olive green stone has been prized for thousands of years. Legends hold that Moldavite was the green stone in the Holy Grail, and has the power to quicken one's spiritual evolution.

It is said that Moldavite is a stone to serve the inhabitants here on Earth, facilitating interdimensional connection and rising our vibration for ascension and illumination. Even those who are not sensitive to energetic vibrations can often feel the sensations given off by this stone.Moldavite is a powerful "chakra opener" and works well at the throat, third-eye, and crown chakras. Sleeping with Moldavite can activate lucid dream states, wearing it can manifest positive life changes.

“In current times, Moldavite is known as a stone of rapid and powerful spiritual transformation. It can catalyze major priority shifts and even physical life changes. Its tendency is to attract all that relates to one’s spiritual evolution and highest good, and to dissolve one’s connections with whatever hinders that evolution. These can include changes in career, relationships, diet, health and personal goals, as well as inner awakenings, prophetic dreams, and visions of one’s true destiny. Moldavite has often caused a sudden opening of the heart chakra, known as the ‘Moldavite flush.’ It can stimulate any chakra and it brings healing wherever it is needed in the body.

Moldavite also has the capacity to disappear and reappear, displaying a Trickster quality.

Moldavite can energize the effects of many stones; it harmonizes especially well with Herkimer ‘Diamonds’ and all types of Quartz.”
~Robert Simmons

Please read my article on "How to Spot Fake Moldavite" and also check out our fine, ever-changing selection of Moldavite Specimens.

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Moldavite Emerald-cut Ring Moldavite Comet Pendant 071405 Moldavite Comet Pendant 071404
Moldavite Emerald-cut Ring
Our Price: $70.00

This simple, yet elegant ring features a 8x6mm Moldavite crystal in the classic Emerald-cut set in .925 Sterling Silver.

A stunning, one-of-a-kind pendant featuring a natural, raw Czech Moldavite in a comet design of sterling silver.

A stunning, one-of-a-kind pendant featuring a natural, raw Czech Moldavite in a comet design of sterling silver.

Moldavite Comet Pendant 071403 Moldavite Comet Pendant 071402 Moldavite Comet Pendant 071401

A stunning, one-of-a-kind pendant featuring a natural, raw Czech Moldavite in a comet design of sterling silver.

A stunning, one-of-a-kind pendant featuring a natural, raw Czech Moldavite in a comet design of sterling silver.

A stunning, one-of-a-kind pendant featuring a natural, raw Czech Moldavite in a comet design of sterling silver.

Moldavite Flower of Life Pendant Natural Moldavite 6 Stone Bracelet Herkimer "Diamond" Green Tourmaline & Pearl Pendant
Herkimer "Diamond" Green Tourmaline & Pearl Pendant
List Price: $135.00
Our Price: $108.00
Savings: $27.00
This beautiful pendant features the sacred geometry of The Flower of Life topped with a powerful faceted Moldavite crystal.

A stunning, one-of-a-kind bracelet featuring 6 natural, raw Czech Moldavite crystals in Sterling Silver.

A stunning one-of-a-kind pendant with natural Herkimer "Diamond," Green Tourmaline and Pearl beads.

Moldavite Wire-Wrap Pendant #HE042414-03 Chakra Stone Set for Locket Pendulums Moldavite 8mm Heart Pendant

A one-of-a-kind beauty featuring a natural Czech Moldavite hand-wrapped in Sterling Silver wire. #HE042414-03

Each of these 7 chakra stones can be slipped into the Celtic locket pendulum or pendulum pendant depending upon the chakra you're working on. A wonderful pendulum tool kit for the healer! A precious 8mm faceted heart-shaped Moldavite pendant is sure to be a cherished treasure.
Moldavite Unisex Celtic Trillion Ring Natural Moldavite Ring Size 6 Moldavite Celtic Double Triquetra Ring
This ring features a faceted Moldavite 6mm trillion set in a gorgeous sterling silver Celtic knot design. This lovely, one-of-a-kind, rough Moldavite ring features a natural, premium specimen hand-set in gleaming Sterling Silver.
Size 6
This lovely ring features a faceted Moldavite 4x8mm marquise flanked by two Celtic triquetras in sterling silver.
Pentacle Ring with Faceted Gemstone Moldavite Trillion & Amethyst Ring Moldavite Dolphins Ring
Moldavite Dolphins Ring
Our Price: $49.00

This stunning ring features a 4mm faceted chaton in your choice of 10 different gemstones, set in a sterling silver pentacle. This stunning ring features a large, faceted 10mm Moldavite Trillion sided by two small amethyst crystals in a contemporary sterling silver setting. Two frolicking dolphins hold a gorgeous green, faceted, 7 x 5mm Moldavite  gemstone set in Sterling Silver
Moldavite & Amethyst Cluster Ring Moldavite "Wings of Love" Heart Ring Moldavite & Herkimer "Diamond" Ring
A gorgeous green faceted 7x5mm Moldavite crystal uniquely set in Sterling Silver sided by 3 faceted Amethyst crystals.
This breathtaking ring features a 8mm faceted Moldavite heart embraced in sterling silver wings. Gift-boxed with Certificate of Authenticity. This powerful ring features a Herkimer Quartz "Diamond" (approximately 7mm x 5mm) flanked by two 5mm faceted Moldavite trillions.
Moldavite Fragrance Oil Moldavite Bath Salts Moldavite Cone Incense
Moldavite Fragrance Oil
Our Price: $9.99

Moldavite Bath Salts
Our Price: $5.99

Moldavite Cone Incense
Our Price: $5.00
1/4 oz. Oil with essence of Moldavite. 4 oz. bath salts with essence of Moldavite. 15 cones of incense with essence of Moldavite.
Moldavite Stick Incense Moldavite Teardrop Dangle Earrings Moldavite Spiral Moon Goddess Earrings
Moldavite Stick Incense
Our Price: $6.99
20 sticks of incense with essence of Moldavite.

These gorgeous earrings feature faceted Moldavite teardrops set in an open teardrop shape dangling from a ball post. All .925 sterling silver.

Approximately 1-3/8" long

These gorgeous earrings feature Spiral Goddesses embraced in a Celtic knot crescent moon, topped with a gorgeous faceted moldavite round.

Approximately 1-1/2" long, 3/4" wide moons

Moldavite Large Celtic Knot Earrings Moldavite Pentacle Earrings Moldavite 7mm Trillion Earrings
Moldavite 7mm Trillion Earrings
Our Price: $76.00


These stunning earrings feature a Celtic knot design in sterling silver graced with a faceted, teardrop shaped Moldavite crystal.

Sterling Silver pentacle earrings set with a stunning, tear-drop shaped Moldavite crystal.

These classic earrings feature 7mm faceted Moldavite trillions embraced in sterling silver with sterling silver posts.
Amethyst Herkimer with Moldavite Pendant Sterling Silver Peach Moonstone, Moldavite & Green Tourmaline Pendant Moldavite & Azeztuliteâ„¢ Vortex Pendant
This powerful pendant features an Amethyst crystal in a natural Herkimer "Diamond" formation flanked by two stunning, faceted Moldavite trillions all set in Sterling Silver.
This stunning pendant by Aleta Sira Ras features a Peach Moonstone with a faceted Moldavite bead and crystal and finished with a cascade of five dangling Green Tourmaline points.
This breath-taking and powerful pendant features an 8mm faceted Moldavite trillion and 6 faceted 'shooting star' rounds of Azeztulite™ set in a unique vortex of sterling silver.

Approximately 1-1/2" long, 1-1/4" diameter.